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Find joy and balance again
within your creative life

Are you feeling empty even though your schedule is completely packed? 

Do you lay your head down at night wishing you had time to practice your art but are swamped with "life"?


Are you feeling guilty for working in a career outside of your creative training?


Diploma on the wall but you're not sure what comes next?

You are NOT alone.  Many of us struggle to maintain our individual and artistic selves with work, family, education, and life's  responsibilities that pull at us on a daily basis.  Sometimes these  requirements make us feel as if we have to give up our creative dreams altogether.  Having a sense of direction, prioritizing projects, and finding a positive balance allow for peace and purpose in our hectic lives.  We need to declutter and find the joy in creativity again.

I'm Carrie, a Specialist in Empowering Creative Life

My experience with the multi-faceted, fun-filled schedule as a performer, educator, student, employee, wife and momma has inspired me to help others learn to say no, declutter their schedules, regain the passion for their art, and let go of the guilt while staying true to their creative self.



"I started working with Carrie after a layoff during COVID-19 when I was feeling uncertain about the future of my career.  Carrie's approachable nature combined with her ability to actively listen and ask thought-provoking questions both verbally and through worksheets helepd to raise my confidence throughout the process.  Through our sessions, a new potential career avenue was discovered, and I'm optimistic to strategically secure a position more strongly aligned with my values.  I highly recommend Carrie for anyone who needs some guidance - thank you, Carrie!"

Melody G.

"Carrie was an absolutely wonderful coach, and her guidance could not have come at a better time!  I am so fortunate to love my work so much, but I have always struggled with maintaining a healthy work/life balance as a result. Carrie helped me discover new activities and reshape my thinking to find a healthier balance, which is going to be so helpful in preventing burnout as I transition from student musician to professional musician. She always respected my time, ideas, and thoughts, and has become a wonderful friend and role model in the process! I cannot recommend Carrie RavenStem enough for creative coaching!"

Selena R.

Looking for direction and success?  

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